Created by family and local artisans, an affordable range of quality drinks, offering a unique and refreshing taste experience for adults who achieve and who dare to surpass themselves, day after day, just like us, this is the mission that it's given Mantha Collection.


Every drop of our creations is meticulously crafted using a unique recipe and pure water of exceptional quality. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in each of our products and results in unique flavors and an incomparable taste experience.

Pierre Mantha, free thinker, dares to carry out his projects in his own way.

The path to success is not always straight and upward; it is sometimes winding and downward.

Artist in Residence where art meets distillation

In 2018, with the collaboration of his brother, Michel Mantha, Pierre opened his first distillery in Gatineau.

Giving back to the community is the least we can do

Involved with Moisson Outaouais for many years, Pierre makes it his duty to give back to his community.