Artist in residence (AIR) Distillerie - Opening


Immerse yourself in the inspiring world of Artist in Residence (AIR) Distillerie, a spirit company that pushes the boundaries of creativity.

Air Distillerie is committed to providing its customers with a unique and memorable experience, drawing its inspiration from the world of free spirits.

Since its opening in 2018, AIR Distillerie has been a success story. Pierre has managed to make his mark in a market that was completely unknown to him in just a few years and, moreover, during the hard years of COVID.

The success of his company prompted Pierre to push his audacity and madness even further, by multiplying his distilleries not only in Canada but also abroad. If one distillery works well, why not build two, three or ten others? Once again, his entourage was skeptical but Pierre, being the free thinker he is, dares to carry out his projects in his own way.

Pierre is not just a simple entrepreneur, he is a utopian visionary, who is able to imagine a project, anticipate the market, and do whatever needs to be done to make it a success. It is with this utopian vision that he recently began the design, development and implementation of his new 160,000 ft2 distillery located in Hawkesbury, Ontario, which will open soon, as well as another in Pennsylvania, in the United States, which will open in a few years.

And you? What project will you dare to embark on?


Each of our distilleries is a true haven of imagination, offering a warm welcome and a wide range of products of the highest quality. Our products are rich in flavour and colour and are designed for all tastes.

Every drop of our creations is meticulously crafted using a unique recipe with pure water of exceptional quality. Our commitment to excellence is
reflected in each of our products and translates into unique flavours and an incomparable taste experience.

The creations of AIR Distillerie are the result of a complete alchemy, a passionate collaboration between our distiller artists and our collaborators. Together, we push the boundaries of the ordinary to build incomparable concepts that travel, and we turn our ideas upside down to create, innovate and open doors to all possibilities.


Quebec, Canada

The first distillery of the family, the Gatineau distillery, is distinguished by its unconventional and bold spirit. It combines the finest ingredients with the freshest water, extracted on-site from an exclusive underground water spring, to create exhilarating flavours.

It is on the ground floor of his first distillery that all stages of production take place. It is in this vast and bright space that the stills distill and that our artists set to work to create the diversity of our quality products, including our gins, vodkas, liqueurs, and whiskies. Here are housed two large stills, the first of which can hold up to 3,000 litres of alcohol and the second, up to 6,000 litres.

It is also at this level, in our boutique, that we warmly welcome customers who can sample, choose and purchase directly from our vast inventory of products. The second level is a mezzanine that allows customers a full view of our impressive installations. On the upper floor is a space reserved for spirits enthusiasts, a unique lounge for those who want to feed their passion by enjoying our products.

This first major project has 30,000 ft2 on three floors and allows us to distribute our products throughout the Quebec region.


Ontario, Canada

In order to offer its customers a unique concept, while respecting its mission to promote the local economy, the Hawkesbury distillery will welcome you into the magical world of AIR Distillerie and will make you live an extraordinary sensory experience.

In the first phase of the Hawkesbury project, you will be able to admire the diversity of our products, created by our distillers. Produced in part with local grains as well as an underground spring water, our gins, vodkas, rums, liqueurs, creams, whiskies, ready-to-drink and tonics will all be as unique as each other and will please you.

This magnificent building will have two stills, each able to hold up to 6,000 litres of alcohol.

The next ten years will see the completion of the eight development phases of this impressive and exciting project. The upcoming phases will allow you, among other things, to visit the distillery and buy our products on-site. And to extend your experience, the Lounge Artist in Residence will also be at your disposal to enjoy our wide range of cocktails. Meanwhile, our restaurant will charm you with its most welcoming and festive atmosphere and is sure to make your visit fun and memorable.

The Hawkesbury second major eight-phase project, which will cover 160,000 ft2, will allow us to distribute our products across Ontario.


Pennsylvania, USA (Under development)

Soon, AIR Distillerie will unveil its exciting project in Erie, Pennsylvania. Stay tuned to learn more about this new destination.