The commitment of the creators of the Mantha Collection to their community

Giving back to the community is the least we can do.

Having suffered financial hardships in his youth, Pierre makes it his duty to give back to those in need. In this respect, he has been involved with Moisson Outaouais for many years.

Making a difference in one’s community is an important responsibility. We recognize that the success of our business is measured by the positive impact we leave when we contribute to the various projects in our community.

At AIR Distillerie, we are proud to be an active contributor and to support extraordinary organizations such as Moisson Outaouais and other local organizations. By working with these dedicated partners, we strengthen the bonds that bind us by getting involved in building a better future. We believe in the power of caring, and every day we work to cultivate these precious values and share them with those who need them most.

True wealth is not measured so much by material goods as by the smiles that lighten up faces thanks to volunteers and companies like ours who play an active role in their communities.